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PIO is the implementing arm of the PIPA.

PIO’s roles (mainly in the management of PIPA for conservation purposes) are as follows:

  • Facilitates monitoring, control & surveillance (MCS) to combat IUU fishing-PMU/KPS&MFMRD
  • Biosecurity risk clearance-ALD
  • Marine & terrestrial M&E-MFRMD & ALD
  • Awareness, outreach, and education programs
  • Facilitates marketing of PIPA as ideal destination for low volume, high yield eco-tourism & other eco-developments
  • Implementation of PIO’s roles overseen by PMC and in accordance with the relevant legislative & policy documents (PIPA Regulations, PIPA Management Plan etc)

Legal Basis & Working Documents


Telephone numbers:

  • MELAD 686 75228211 / 75228212
  • PIO DIrect Line 686 75229762

Email addresses: